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1920 Chelsea - Heads of Household

Page 1 

Miles McQuistion 

Viola Broddes 

George W. McBride 

Washington Dick 

Mary Dick 

Fred Griffitts 

Elmer Hering 

Laura Clark 

Thomas Logan 

William North 

George Hunter 

William P. Hamilton 

Garry A. Stanton 

Robert D. S. Smales? Quailes? (grandson of Garry A. Stanton) 

Buck Teavesbaugh 

Tom Kauri 


Page 2 

Hugh Delozier 

Julus T. Maupin 

Everett Tusy? (wife is Adah) 

Calvin W. Maynard 

Harry Pilhume or Pithume? (wife is Margaret) 

Minnie Young 

H* Couger (wife is Elen?) big ink spot here 

Marion T. Hall 

Fred Smith 

Lou C. McCaleb 

James R. McMedlin 

Br Mar* (wife is Rebecca and Gertrude Nelson is a granddaughter listed among the children) This only has a Br for the last name. 


Page 3 

Gertrude Nelson 

John H. Quigley 

Charles Kauri 

Albert M. Lawborn 

Jasper L. Wilson 

Sam Fortous? (wife is nancy A.) 

Milton M. Caulk 

Henry L. Burges 

Marrie J. Johnson 

Margaret Fletcher 

Robert Geduble (hired man for Henry L. Burges) 

John Jordan 

Clovis A. Fr* (wife is Carrie B.) 


Page 4 

J. Willeson Braumer 

William R. Jackson 

Frank Hall 

Joe Herring 

Arthur Dick 

Thomas Hendricks 

Levi Hendricks 

Howard Brubaker 

Sylvester A. Hathaway 

Walter D. Lawborn 

West Wilson 

Ed Rush 

William B. Cain* (wife is Mary B.) 

George Dick 

George Metcalf 

Pete Evanoff (it's Bulgarian) 

Nannie McReynolds 

Roy L. Reeder? (boarder of Nannie Reynolds) 

Frank Wallese 


Page 5 

Sarah J. Lynch 

Fred Pegg or Pigg (wife is Cora) 

Ruth Hook 

Louie Stevens 

Alex Evanoff 

S* Petchroff? (boarder of Louie Stevens, also Bulgarian) 

Eli N. Couger 

Fred Zimmerman 

Violes? During* (step-daughter of Fred Zimmerman) 

Bess Carpenter 

Luther R. Fox 

Frank Paris 

James M. Minon? (wife is Rheatta?) 

Fred W. Cole 

Alfred De Shane 

Lewis Shawnee 

George E. Hopkins 


Page 6 

William J. Daniel 

William H. Rogers (In) 

William R. Rogers (In) 

Ed. H. Payne 

Lindsey Martin (B) 

Daisy McDonal (B) 

Cora L. Daniel 

Martin R. Lee 

Fred Graves (B) 

Ralph W. Carroll 

Frank John 

Mollie John 

Mary John 

Hiram Stephens 

Granvel O. Brown 

Perry E. Snider 

John Scudder 

G. T. Tweedy 


Page 7 

Francis Tweedy 

John W. Sanders 

Sebine? Hemphill (wife is Eva) 

Robert H. Brown 

Orvil Jenkins 

William H. Evans 

Lemuel Paris 

Joseph Barker 

William Harrell 

Issac A. Harrell 


Page 8 

* M. Woodson (wife is Lusy C.) 

Harry E. McMullins 

Hany L. Golding 

Sterling M. Landry 

Eas* Dixon (grand-daughter of Sterling M. Landry) 

William S. R. Woods 

Herbert R. Benton or Boston (wife is Georgia A.) 

Andrew J. Clanton 

John I. Bolton 

Floyd Hill 

Roy R. Davis 

Ivan Fox 

Henry L. Fastin or Foster (wife is Janetta) 

Ray Reynolds 

Roy R. Hudson 

Edgar F. Parks 

William B. Parks 


Page 9 

Clyde Martin 

Cliff Martin 

Hugh A. Roe 

Martha R. Grubb 

Jessie O. Sutton 

Erwin C. Jordan 

Samuel W. Hud* (wife is Lillie) 

George Abutt 

Lini Goodson 


Page 10 

Mina Parks 

Pearl Goodson 

John S. Jenkins 

Fred Ash 

Otis Caulk 

Joe Morris 

H* Stephens (wife is Daisy) 

Marcus D. L. Baird (male, daughter is Lona) 

Henry Rall or Roll (Hired man of Marcus D. L. Baird) 

James D. Price 

Archibald Paris (In) 

Agnes Paris 

Cora Simpson 

George Q. Dick (In) 

Chas. L. Bellamy 

John Tri* (wife is Alice M.) 

Herbert Fuller 


Page 11 

Abijah Stanley 

Jennie Richardson 

Lou Mounts 

Tom Bea 

Henry H. Deal 

Nellie Hilderband 

Mary Clanton 

Rebeccah Condry 

Lou Maggard 

Nathan Newman 

James D. Grady 


Page 12 

Connie Grady 

William M. Horner 

William Freeman 

Bert Rippetoe 

Robert L. Epperson 

Lou Rogers 

Benjamin H. Huston 

Dora Jagus? 

Joy P. Huston 

L* Hooten? wife is Ollie 

Dane Hartsock 

Guy Stanley 

Jesse J. Caulk 

Mary A. Caulk 

William A. Miller 

Oscar D. Miller 


Page 13 

Lloyd G. Sparks 

Cude Buffington 

E* T. Bayless 

? A. Martin 

Jay S. Staples 

George W. McCoy 

Ona A. Stanley 

John Noe 

Thomas T. Gergess? 

James P. Massey 

Abe J. Markham 

John Yeoman 

Edgar W. Yeoman 

William H. Price 


Page 14 

Cap L. Lane 

Mayme Bodine 

Walter Jones (B) 

Alfred R. Heston 

Roy Britton 

John L. Daece? wife is Edna E. 

Charles W. Fritz 

Claude E. Bick? 

Thomas J. Baker 

Nannie E. Bartiser? 

George W. Bershears 

Samuel S. Parker? Parson? 

Linzier Ferdinand

Davis B. Bains

Sarah E. Parnell

Washington Purdy

Harlan Delozier

Lacis H. Ning

Leona E. Snyder

James A. Palmour

Willie D. Barger

Charles R. Fuglis

Mary K. Rogers

Frank Tracy

Ray Miller

Sherman Miller

Sea R. Carpenter

Albert P. Powell

George E. Green

Porter L. Gregory

Jolly E. Robinson

Page 16

Julia A. Culp

Eskill Phillips

Jasper N. Bea

Otto F. Nichols

Minnie Raymond

Henry M. Mason

Grover C. Layton

William F. Layton

Andrew J. Ledbetter

Daisy Bell Johnson

John C. Upp

James F. Hemphill

Harley Wiggins

Samel Clanton

Page 17

Noah Creason

Bert A. Stewart

Chas H. Hemmel

Alex Zulkey

Jno. R. Jones

Minnie Williams

Page 49 

W. O. or R. Crutchfield (wife is Arminta) 

Clyde Clark 

Henry Trolley? (father-in-law of Clyde Clark) 

F. Bartlow 

James W. Harper 

Calvin Hudespath 

Walter Shatt 

A. Ridenour 

S. I. Vancuver? (wife is Martha) 

A. M. Ward 

Sarah Grissom 

James Hubbard 

George E. Kelley 

T. K.? Nicholson (wife is Nellie O.) 

H. Moffett 

E. A. Hulsenbeck 


Page 50 

Will Hulsenbeck 

Allen Studder 

George F. Cox 

Dan Martin 

Lou Wyatt 

Oliver Lester 

Iva Bailey 

George Carter 

C. S. LeValley 

James Meyers 

J. V. Sterns or Starns (wife is Mattie) 


Page 51 

Edd Gunn 

A. S. Douglass 

Levi Lovell 

J. B. McFarland 

Ellis Foreman 

J. W. Kitchell 

Lewey Nelson 

C. H. Ridenour 

William Ballard 

Edith Ridenour 

George Ballard 

A.? J. Faulkner (wife is Johnnie May) 


Page 52 

J. E. McMahan 

John Starks 

B. Nicholson 

W. H. Robbinson 

Goldie A.? Brown (sister-in-law to W. H. Robbinson) 

Ed Harper 

Charley Huston 

Bryan Collyar 

Harry G. Coal or Coad (wife's name is Lucy) 

Orvill W. Griffin 

L. W. McKee 

W. A. McCance? (wife is Mallosie?) 

Ernest McCullum 

T. F. Robbins 

William Dye 


Page 53 

Beulah E. Dye 

Earl E. Wood 

Charles Langley 

J. H. Davis 

A. L. Wilson 

P. H. Burtner 

Grace McCullogh 

W. W. Patton 

Anna Machesney 

Clifton C. Boyd 


Page 54 

Russel L. Boyd 

John Heap 

Elwood Standford 

Arminta Patton 

Walter Scott 

Mary E. Fortiner 

Robert J. Patton 

John H. Patton 

H. H. Huston 

Maggie Brown 

Edward E. Huston 

Henry C. Allison 

C. S. Crosby 

Harry Still 


Page 55 

R. M. Patton 

J. E. House 

J. W. Hopper 

Thomas Pace 

Ray Slocter 

William Foster 

Roy R. Cowan 

Charles A. Baker 

Joe Baker 

H. L. Young 

Clara E. Tibbett 

J. M. Roberts 

S. B. Cantrell 


Page 56 

Virginia Cantrell 

Bill Pace 

Mack Taylor 

Richard Heap 

Ralph I. Garris? (wife is Sarah R.) 

J. A. Douglass 

Parnett Garnet 

C. A. Shaw 

Henry Pitzenberg 

Lewis Bible 

Dan W. House 

Francis Moscrip 

William Hackney 

Melvin Yeager? (grandson of William Hackney) 

W. W. Price 

F. J. Jaghill? (wife is Ollie May) 

C. A. Sharp 


Page 57 

Edna E. Sharp 

W. S. Melton 

John W. Harris 

Ernest Bliss 

C. A. Sutherland 

August Fink 

C. M. Jordon 

R. M. Caulpgelle? (wife is Margaret) 

Chester Taylor 

Charles E. Fryer or Frye (wife is Mable E.) 

R. S. Legate 


Page 58 

Richard Legate 

Charles H. Burtner 

Robert S. Heaps 

Henry M. Campley? (grandson of Robert S. Heaps) 

Robert C. Heaps 

Joe Wade 

Ant? Weaver? (brother-in-law to Joe Wade) 

Claud Cassity 


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