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 1920 Rogers Co. Census Index

Catoosa Township - Catoosa Town – District 165
Enumerated in the Month of January, 1920
Put " Catoosa Township - Catoosa Town 1920 Correction" in your subject
Definition Key: ? = not sure if that's right; * = can't read the rest of it; (B) Black (In) Indian

Page 229

George W. Delprey or Delfrey (wife is Belle)
Allen Ward
William S. Stuart
Clide J. Kirby
Oscar Merryman
Lonnie C. Gentry
Elizabeth F. Boyd
Omma S. Woods
Loise E. Lamb* (daughter of Omma S. Woods)
Arthur M. Parker
John J. Ceburn
George Snooks
Sam Webster
Louis Johnson

Page 230

Snooks, Oliver A., head, 41, MO, don't know, IN
Delpha, wife 29, KY KY KY
Willie A., son, 6, OK MO KY
Lillie M., daughter, 4, OK MO KY
George, son, 1/12, OK MO KY
Beeman, George A., 42, KS OH OH
Nellie M., wife, 42, IN PA OH
Finis E., son, 18, OK KS IN
Lena A., daughter, 16, MO KS IN
Beatrice A., daughter, 9, OK KS IN
G. A., son, 7, OK KS IN
McDaniel, Martin, head, (In), 62, wd, OK GA GA (I can't tell if white is written over Indian or the other way around)
Clifford, son, (In), 16, OK OK TX
Howard, son, (In), 11, OK OK TX
Allen, Mary J., 74, wd, OK TN GA (she is listed as white)
Cobler, Hugh W., head, 55, IL OH IN
Anna A., wife, 47, KS MO VA
George T., son, 19, KS IL KS
Oaura K., daughter, 12, OK IL KS
Rorage?, Calvin, brother-in-law, 65, wd, OH OH OH
Cobler, Oval T., head, 26, OK OH OH
Ovie D., wife, 23, OK OH OH
William H., son, 1 9/12, OK OK OK
Ira G., son, 4/12, OK OK OK
Marshall, Dennis J., head, 25, KY KY KY
Stella, wife, 21, KY KY KY
Lorise, daughter, 2, OK KY KY
Adeline, daughter, 7/12, OK KY KY
Boyd, Elizabeth F., head, 65, wd, MO TN TN
Greenlee, William M., head, 63, OH PA PA
Annie E., wife, 64, MO TN TN
Brown, Samiel T., head, 55, GA GA NC
Ruthie A., wife, 26, OK AR AR
Samiel V., son, 20, GA GA GA
Charly E. or C., son, GA GA GA
Nettie E., daughter, 17, GA GA GA
Mana? B., daughter, 10, OK GA GA
Mamie L. daughter, 7, OK GA GA
George W. B., son, 6, OK GA GA
Master, Ivan L., head, 21, OK MO OK
Teeson, Olive D. head, 21, AL AL MS
Hamilton, Kittie, head, 21, OK AL AL
Mosier, Cherry, boarder, 6, OK MO OK
Laird, Lula, head, 49, wd, MO MO MO
Pansy, daughter, 14, OK MS MO
Harding, son, 18, OK MS MO
Ethel, daughter, 9, OK MS MO
Howard, son, 6, OK MS MO
Myrtle, daughter, 2?, OK MS MO

Page 231
Bettie Gravitt
William T. or I. Gaddis (son of Bettie Gravitt)
Viola Blair
Charles H. Springer
James A. Ewell
Owen P. Taylor
John E. Dewitt
Frink M. Martin or Harris (wife is Virginia H.)
Lora Rumsey (this may be Ramsey but misspelled)
Joseph S. Snooks
Betsy A. Conner
Fred E. Dundy
Walter R. McK* (wife is Lydia)
William F. Paris

Page 232
This entire page is near illegible, looks like they moved the copy while it was being copied. So I will do my best here as I have the other pages :)
Jess B. Mitchell
Joe V. Wofford
John S. Jackson
Ugene M. Inman
Andrew J. Patrick or Patricks (79 yr. old mother living with him, Mary E.)
Marilyn T. Carr
* O'Neal (first name is illegible and cannot read wife's name, have an 18 yr. old daughter living with them and her name looks like Mary E.)
Sam Farless
Billy Scoggins? (hired hand of Sam Farless)
Thomas A. Eakins

Page 233

Gadys Eakins (this may be Gladys misspelled, she the daughter of Thomas A. Eakins above)

Walter F. Hunt

Charles W. Holley

Linda Brown

Felix G. Corle

Bertha A. Rooks

Joseph H. Rooks

Louis E. Dishman

Bessie Luster

Jane L. Lookins? (mother of Louis E. Dishman)

Joe E. Robbins

Willis T. Wells

Charles E. Dearston

Jake J.? Simons (wife is Ida J.)

Willie E. Wilson

Page 234

Atkins, George W. head, 50, IN IN IN

Hettie B., wife, 44, IN NC NC

Leola, 19, daughter, IN IN IN

Dora, 17, daughter, OK IN IN

Lula, 15, daughter, OK IN IN

John W., 13, son, OK IN IN

George W., 11, son, OK IN IN

Edna, 7, daughter, OK IN IN

Woodrow, 2, son, OK IN IN

Merryman, George R., head, 70, TN IL TN

Lida M., wife, 60, IL US IL

Lillard, Minnie E., daughter, 46, TN TN TN

Maryman, Ruth S., 18, grand-daughter, OK TN OK

Kau*, Harry E., head, 35, single, MO WV WV

Sue M., mother, 69, wd, WV WV WV

Eaton, John G., head, 42, AR MS AL

Burlie A., wife, 31, AR GA IL

Smith, John C., head, 44, PA PA PA

Harriett M., wife, 35, KS PA IL

Marford, Nelson A., father-in-law, 69, wd, PA PA PA

Bell, Lillian A., aunt, 56, single, IL Ireland, TN

Dickson, William T., head, 58, AR TN TN

Jemima E., wife, 54, IL KY MO

Archie, son, 24, MO AR IL

Newton, 19, OK AR IL

Bernice, daughter, 12, OK AR IL

Nora, daughter, 10, OK AR IL

Beebe, John J., head, 54, WI PA PA (German)

Martha, wife, 49, KS, North MO, MO

Geddia, daughter, 12, OK WI KS

This family was crossed out

Conley, William O., head, 48, KY KY KY

Maud R., wife, 34, TN TN OH

Owen, son, 16, OK KY TN

Robert, son, 13, OK KY TN

Frank, son, 8, OK KY TN

Jack, son, 3, OK KY TN

Stockton, George E., head, 59, wd, KY KY NC

George E., son, OK KY MO

Sylvia A., daughter, 11, OK KY MO

John D., son, 6, OK KY MO

Denbo, Oce, head, 37, OK IN OK

Dora D., wife, 36, AR AR NE

Bertha O., daughter, 16, OK OK AR

Oma D., daughter, 9, OK OK AR

Orman J., son, 8, OK OK AR

Erma O. D., daughter, 2?, OK AR AR

Carson, William M., head, 68, GA NC NC

Maggie, wife, 44, AR TN TN

Frank, son, 17, OK GA AR

Cora A., daughter, 15, OK GA AR

Page 235

Thomas Daughterty

Millard F. Johnson

Robert Garron

Ned Potatto

William B. Matthews

Lillie M. Jones

Henny Hillard

William H. Lewis

Jim Cagle

James A. Rozzor? (widower, hired hand of Jim Cagle)

John W. Langley

John Reynolds

William Conley

Albert J. Randall

Page 236

William Remington

Emile C. Piguet

Gladys E. Wenzel

George W. Thomas

Earnest W. Gragg? (wife is Della)

William Rush

Bennett J. Callings? (wife is Martha A.)

Charles M. Cole

William M. Hamilton

Charles O. Langley

Mark Chambers

Jim S. Abbit

William W. Whitman

Page 237

Dennis Vann

William Coalman

William G. Pozer? (wife is Serrah J.)

William Davenport

Matt Marshall

George W. Marshall

Walter A. Downing

James H. Hill

Joseph C. Russell

James Hutchison

John W. McNabb

First name is not legible Wilson (wife is Mandy)

Willes C. Cagle

Page 238

Earnest F. Cagle

James Rush

Marcus W. Leach

Corbit G. Gravitt

Virgle P. Carson

Joseph F. Blair

Arthur Cummisky

Josuay F. Francis

Hartnel C. Leach

George B. Leach

William McNabb

Charles H. Jones

Joe O. Langley

Frank Stanford

William O. Lucas

Page 239

Peggie M. Lucas

Jessie M. Heck

George W. McNabb

James W. Grogan

Claud M. Gallman

Charley A. Bates

John M. Gilmus? (grand-daughter is Mary L.)

Agnes Hendrex

Hiram S. Thompson

Amos F. Sappington

John A. Piguet

Willie Winzel

William E. McMillan

Page 240

Agnes L. McMillan

Bingameman F. Gance

George Blie

George C. Patrick

Buse? B. Kirby (wife is Leona M.)

B* Harrison? (wife is Lillie)

Charles R. Inbody

Eliza J. Teague

Arther O. Baker

Homer C. Graham

James A. Graham

Page 241

William T. Callings

George A. Leach

William A. Holland

Emett Y. Bullard

Allen E. Henry

Andrew J. Shastid? (wife is Perl E.)

Robert F. Stephinson

Albert R. Ward

Charley A. Ward

Harlo D. Hardeson

Luther Jackson

Frank H. Matney

Erasmus M. Ramsey

Fred Carver

Clarence L. Kidney

Earnest B. Carver

Page 242

Jessie F. Carver, son, 4, OK MO TN

Andie L., son, 1 5/12, TN MO TN

Clarence A. Piguet , 33, MO OH OH

Mary B., wife, 29, MO IN MO

Thelma, daughter, 2, OK MO MO

Alvin V., son, 6/12, OK MO MO

William Kimblern?, 36, AR don’t know, don’t know

Myrtle, wife, 24, OK MO AR

Earl E., son, 6, OK AR OK

Roxie E., daughter, 4, OK AR OK

John W. Blackburn, 57, IL TN TN

Lula S., wife, 47, IL TN TN

Joe A., son, 12, OK IL IL

Piquet, Myrtle, daughter, 24, m, OK IL IL

Lee Roy A., grandson, 5, OK OK IL

William E. Noonkeety?, 49, wd, TN NC VA

Obie, son, 20, wd, MO TN MO

Arlie C., son, 17, MO TN MO

Archie S., son, 12, MO TN MO

Anvil?, son, 9, OK TN MO

Clarence, son, 4, OK TN MO

Samuel A. Hardison, 51, KY KY KY

Lidie B., wife, 52, KY KY KY

Etta M., daughter, 20, OK KY KY

Willie B., son, 18, OK KY KY

Leslie A., son, 15, OK KY KY

Joseph L., son, 3, OK KY KY

Hardison, Arthur E., 24, OK KY KY

Anna M., wife, 23, IL IL IL

Maryon E., son, 4, OK OK IL

Bernice E., daughter, 2, OK OK IL

Scuddy, Frederick or Theodorich, 45, MO NJ IL

Sarah E. J., wife, 35, MO IL IN

Iva D., daughter,12, OK MO MO

John S., son, 14, OK MO MO

Orlee? E., daughter, 8, OK MO MO

Oscar Lee, son, 6, OK MO MO

Eunice E., daughter, 1, OK MO MO

Harley M. Bishop, 52, IO OH IO

Lucindy M., wife, 48?, NC NC NC

William P., son, 19, OK IO NC

Leslie? P., son, 13, OK IO NC

Dan L., son, 10, OK IO NC

Alma A., daughter, 8, OK IO NC

James H. Hall, 38, MO MO AR

Sarah J., wife, 36, MO MO MO

? R., son, 8, OK MO MO

Othel R., son, 1 6/12, OK MO MO

Onal F., daughter, 1 6/12, OK MO MO

John Torrie?, 65, wd, IN IN IN

Page 243

Jacob W. Hall

Louis C. Pettle

Cora J. Starr

James H. Martin

Andrew J. Ash

Andrew A. Chadwell

Arther L. Chadwell

Thomas R. Roberts

Gilbert S. Spearman

Florence J. Lewis

Richard W. Curtis

Fritz W. Couch

Page 244

Vera Couch

Jessie B. Key

Dan S. Baker

Ellis J. King

Je* Callings

Erastus Baker

Jno. Dunlap

Tom Sites

T* or L* Sappington (wife is Elizabeth)

Vern L. Leach

John S. Remington

Tim R. Baker

Martin A. Baker

George N. Brittin (correct spelling is Brittain)

Page 245

Theodore E. Britin

Robert F. Dillahunty

William Anderson

Clarence H. Bevel

William Cummins

William Daugherty

Rufus M. Maxey

John C. Matney

Emma E. Rooks

George W. Cochran

Jno. G. Dillahunty

William H. Allton

Page 246

Martha B. Allton

John F. Thomas

Clarence P* (wife is Merian B.?, daughter is Inez)

John W. Kelly

Jessie C. Jackson

John Knight

Walter Couch

Jeff M. Gravitt

Bates Weever

John W. Leach

John W. Leach

Marion Evins

Tony? A. Arnett (son's name is illegible but starts with an E)

John R. Foster

Page 247

Lonies? Knight (servant of John R. Foster)

Joseph A. Langley

Sherwood Renfrow

John W. Renfrow

Otis Murphy

James H. McGhee

William Wafford

Lissie Campbell

James M. Wafford

James S. Williams

Glenn R. Harbeson

Samuel J. Sing

Ron S. Carle or Corle (25, single, lives alone, KS PA IL)

Page 248

John Hamilton

Joe Rice


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