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1910 Smith Census

This Page Shows the

Smith Family 

in the 1910 Rogers County census

Submitted by: Judy Barnett Smith


No spelling was corrected

District 168

Family 71 page 4A Roger Co 1910

Smith, William B. 37 MO IA IA

Smith, Rosie R 30 MO KY KY

Smith, Paul A. 8 OK MO MO

Smith, Tetter? Female 6 OK MO MO

Shook, Francis (dau) 14 OK IA MO

Shook, Marie (Dau) 12 OK IA MO


Family 107 page 6A

Smith, Clark 31 IA IN TN

Smith, Millie 27 IL IL IL



Family 41 page 16B

Brown, Thompson 43 MO MO MO

Brown, Nellie Evan 40 MO UK UK

Brown Benjamin H 17 AL MI IN

Gallagher Julia mom-in-law 73 UK UK UK

Smith, Mary M sis-in-law 42 MO UK UK


Family 69 page 17B

Smith, John M 23 KS IA IL

Smith, Millie 22 OK IN IN

Smith, Ruth 3 OK KS OK

Smith Lev? N. 0 OK KS OK

Smith Brasir sis 17 KS IA IL


Family 122 page 20A

Smith, Melvin 48 MO KY KY

Smith, Mary E. 53 MO IN MO

Smith, Randolf A 18 MO MO MO

Smith, Andrew M. 15 MO MO MO

Smith, Martin L 12 MO MO MO


Family 33 page 23A

Smith, Anna 42 TN TN TN

Smith, Howard 25 KS MO TN

Smith, George 23 KS MO TN

Smith, Mable 20 KS MO TN


Family 61 page 24B

Smith, Howard 27 KS US LA

Smith, Lillie sis 22 OK US LA


Family 77 page 25B

Ross, Perry 57 OK OK OK

Ross, Jessi 44 TN TN TN

Smith, Ersey? Stepdau 13 TN TN TN


Family 78 page 25B

Smith, Timmy? (female) 45 OK OK OK

Smith, Robert 19 OK OK OK

Smith, Leonard 17 OK OK OK

Smith, Mable 13 OK OK OK

Smith, Sonny 12 OK OK OK

Smith, Luois? Dau  10 OK OK OK

Smith, Mamie 9 OK OK OK

Sands, Myrtle step-dau 6 OK OK OK


Family 10 Indian Population for Claremore City

Smith, John G 34 GA GA TN

Smith, Sarah J. 31 OK OK OK

Smith, Lanna K. 11 OK OK OK


Page 25A Indian population

Family 12

Smith, Lucy M. 32 OK OK OK

Smith, Walter A 8 OK OK OK

Smith, Carl A. 1 OK OK OK

Rogen, Susan 18 cousin OK OK OK


Family 23 page 36A Indian pop

Hutchins, Willard E. 53 NE Ca-English WI

Hutchins, Nettie 38 OK GA OK

Hutchins, Lee W. 17 OK NE OK

Hutchins, Ralph B 16 OK NE OK

Hutchins, Uhl Rays 14 OK NE OK

Hutchins, Dana C 12 OK NE OK

Hutchins, Willard B (dau) 7 OK NE OK

Smith, Nancy J. (mom-in-law) 67 OK NE OK


District 169 page 1A

Family 8

Smith, Oliver 29 MO TN TN

Smith, Lizzie 18 (wife) GA SC GA

Smith, Elce (dau) 7/12 OK MO GA


Page 6A

Family 115

Smith, NM 58 GA GA GA

Smith, Emila 29 KS - -


Family 343 page 13A

Smith, Susie 64 GA GA GA


Family 58 page 3B

Smith, John 23 MO MO WV

Smith, Walter 19 (bro) KS MO WV

Smith, Lottie P. (mom) 50 WV WV WV


Family 46 page

Smith, Nathanial A. 66 GA SC GA

Smith Lidia A. 70 GA SC SC

Smith, William 32 GA GA GA


Hired man for family 116 page 6B Dist 171

Smith, Guss 25 MO US US


Family 117

Smith, Jim 38 OK OK TN

Smith, Rutha 31 MN MI OK

Smith, Adocia 1 OK OK MN

Owens, Olliver (stepdau) 17 MO MO MN

Thompson, John T. (stepson) 14 MO MO MN

Thompson Lizzie B. (stepdau) 11 OK MO MN

Thompson, Talbort (stepson) 6 OK MO MN

Thompson, Floero (stepdau) 3 OK MO MN


Family 143 page 7A

Smith, Charley O 37 KS IA IN

Smith, Viola 31 TX MO IL

Smith, Ever H (son) 13 OK KS TX

Smith, Ira W (son) 10 OK KS TX

Smith Birdie M. 7 OK KS TX

Smith, Evert L. R. 5 OK KS TX


Family 79 page 5B

Smith, Mat 44 TN TN TN

Smith, Elisa 43 MO NC TN

Smith, Elzie 21 MO TN MO

Smith, Reesie (dau) 19 MO TN MO

Smith, Alma 13 MO TN MO


Runwise, Charley 50 PA PA PA

Runwise, Frances 45 MO TN TN

Runwise, George 22 MO PA MO

Runwise, Annie 12 MO PA MO

Smith, Charley (grandson) 1 OK AR MO


Page 13B family 73 Indian pop.

Smith, William J. 34 MS MS MS

Smith, Milia 33 AR AR AR

Smith, Thelma 1 OK MS AR


Page 16A hired hand for family 99

Smith, Harry 31 AR AR AR


District 174

Page 1B family 18

Smith, Walter 37 KS US AR

Smith, Eva 29 AR AR AR


Page 6A

Lodger in family 118

Smith, John 32 OH US US


Family 149 page 7B

Smith, HC 58 OH VA VA

Smith, Emma 50 IL KY TN


Page 8A family 155

Smith, John H. 35 Eng-Canada Eng-Canada Eng-Canada

Smith, Hattie 34 KS Ire Canada MI

Smith, Tryphena? (dau) 9 KS Canada KS

Smith, Hazle 7 DS Canada KS

Smith, Chas (father) 66 Eng-Canada English English


Page 9A family 170

Smith, AC 36 AR TN MO

Smith, May 31 MO IL IL

Smith, Bythal (son) 12 OK AR MO

Smith, Bertha 7 OK AR MO

Smith, Ralph 5 OK AR MO

Smith, Thelma 3 MO AR MO

Smith, Jaunita 1 OK AR MO

Smith, Arthur 23 (Bro) KS TN MO


Family 192 9B

Smith, W. H. 34 KS AR IL

Smith, Florence 29 KS PA KS

Smith, Raymond 7 OK KS KS

Smith, Dueliha? (dau) 3 OK KS KS

Smith, Millard 1 OK KS KS


Page 10A family 207

Smith, T J 50 MO MO MO

Smith, Milvida 45 AR AR AR

Smith, Melvin 23 AR MO AR

Smith, Bertha 13 OK MO AR


Family 34 page 5A indian pop


Smith, Alfred 58 GA GA GA

Smith, Delinda 52 OK OK GA

Smith, Tammy 21 OK GA GA

Smith, George 19 OK GA OK

Smith, Clem 18 OK GA OK

Smith, Eddie 14 OK GA OK
Oliver, Delly (granddau) 5 OK GA OK

Oliver, Bert (grandson) 3 OK GA OK


Page 2A district 172

Boarder in family 24

Smith, T B 22 TX TX TX


Family 42 page 2B

Smith, B. T ? IL IL IL
Smith, H T (dau) 24 TX IL TN

Smith, William 19 TX IL TN


Page 6B

Family 98

Smith, J W 52 IL KY IN

Smith, L A 58 IL IL IN

Smith, L M 11 MO IL IN

Smith, W L       IL IL IL


Family 101

Smith, A H T 29 IL IL IL

Smith, L A 24 IL IL IL

Smith, O F 4 IL IL IL

Smith, ? (son) 1 IL IL IL


Page 4B family 108

Smith, A H 56 IA IA IA

Smith, Lizzie 48 IL France Germ

Smith, E S 17 IL IA IL

Smith, L C 8 IL IA IL


District 177 page

Family 13

Smith, Lee 27 AR GA GA

Smith, Mary 35 IN KY KY


Miller, Sannon (son) 17 MO KY

Miller, Eva 14 AR KY

Miller, Emma 12 OK KY

Smith, Edward 3 OK AR IN

Smith, Judy 1 OK AR IN


Family 54

Smith, WC 38 IA unknown unknown

Smith, Bessie? 28 MO TN GA

Smith, Clifford 18 KS unknown unknown


Page 4A family 58

Smith, SA 63 AL AL AL

Kirk, Molly (dau) 36 AL AL AL

Scott, Jimmy (grandson) 18 AL AL unknown

Scott, Alice (granddau) AL

Scott, Ella (granddau) 18 OK

Smith, Albert 20 AL AL AL

Smith, Himmer? 17 AL AL AL

Smith, Weaver 15 AL AL AL

Smith, Barbara 4 AL AL AL

Kirk, Maggie (granddau) ? OK AL AL

Smith, Owen ? AL AL AL


Page 5B roomer family 86

Smith, John 26 AL AL AL


Page 4B

Family 211

Smith, Dr. W E 36 OK GA GA

Smith, Bertha A. 35 PA PA PA

Smith, Mildred B. 10 OK OK PA

Smith, Paul A 8 OK OK PA

Smith, Raymond C 2 OK OK PA


Family 217

Smith, A E 31 KS IN IN

Smith, Beulah 31 MO TN MO

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Smith, Gleason 2 OK KS MO


Page 12B missing


Page 14A

Family 266

Smith, John 39 MO Germany unknown

Smith, Florence (dau) 16 OK MO MO

Smith, Clarence 10 MO MO MO

Smith, Mary 6 OK MO MO

Smith, Oliver 4 MO MO MO

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Smith, Josephine 2 MO MO MO


Page 14B

Family 271

Smith, Edward J. 46 OK VA VA

Smith, Viola 43 IA OH IL

Smith, Clarke 19 MO IL IA

Smith, S? (dau) 14 MO IL IA

Smith, Carl 8 OK IL IA

Smith, Herold 4 TX IL IA


Page 38A  Indian pop

Family 40

Smith, Q A 30 OK NC OK

Smith, Maggie 21 OK NC OK


District 178

Page 1A

Family 10

Smith, Atticus 35 TN TN TN

Smith, Stella 28 MO MO MO

Smith, Alva 4 OK TN MO

Smith, George 1 OK TN MO


Family 11

Smith, Gustavius L. 37 TN TN TN

Smith, Laura 36 TN TN TN

Smith, Rex W            9 TN TN TN

Smith, Paul G 7 TN TN TN

Smith, Armold F 3 TN TN TN


Page 1B

Family 24

Smith, Elmer 32 IL NJ PA

Smith, Ollie (wife) 34 IL IL OH

Smith, Lavern A 9 IL IL IL

Smith, Ruth G 7 IL IL IL

Smith, Margaret 5 IL IL IL

Smith, Bessie 3 IL IL IL


Page 4A family 4

Smith, John F 46 GER GER GER

Smith, Mary J. 36 OK OK OK

Smith, Elbert 19 OK Ger OK

Smith, Betty 15 OK GER OK

Smith, Ada 15 OK Ger OK

Smith, Elmer 12 OK Ger OK

Smith, Clarence 9 OK Ger OK

Smith, Richard 5 OK Ger OK

Smith, Bert 2 OK Ger OK


District 179

Page 7A

Family 117

Smith, William 47 IL IL IL

Smith, Rosa 22 GA GA GA

Smith, Martin 15 OK IL IL

Smith, Elenora 5 AR IL IL


"My ancestors didn't come over on the Mayflower, but they met 'em at the boat"


























































































































































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