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Full Blood Conveyance Record No. 2.
Transcribed by Teresa Young

WILLIAMS, Louisiana
Gleamed information from the book of FULL BLOOD CONVEYANCE RECORD NO. 2

Page 2 and Page 3.






 In the Matter of the Approval of Deed from DAVID & AARON ANCHUBBI, heirs of LOUISANA WILLIAMS, deed to S. W. RYAN.


 Now on this day of February, 1914, came on to be heard the petition of DAVID and AARON ANCHUBBI for the approval of a deed executed by them to S. W. RYAN, on the 19th day of February 1914, and it appearing to the Court that said petitioners is present in person and by attorney; and said petition and the evidence in support thereof being heard and considered.

 It is found that petitioners DAVID and AARON ANCHUBBI, are an adult citizen by blood of the Choctaw Nation, enrolled as a full blood.

 That LOUISIANA WILLIAMS, deceased, was a citizen by blood of the Choctaw Nation enrolled opposite No. 4951 on the Approved Rolls of Choctaw by Blood, and to him there was allotted the following described lands, to wit:

 The West 16.2 acres of Lot 4, and the South East quarter of the North East quarter of the North West quarter, and the South half of the North West quarter of the North East quarter, and the South half of the North East quarter of Section 31, Township 6 South, Range 6 West; and the East half of the South East quarter of the South West quarter, and the South West quarter of the South East quarter of the Southwest quarter of Section 19, Township 6 South and Range 7 West; and the North ____ of ____ East quarter of the South East quarter, and North East quarter of the North West quarter of the South East quarter, and the South West quarter of the South West quarter of the South East quarter Section 24, Township 6 South, Range 8 West.

 That during the Spring of 1903 said allottee departed this life intestate in what is now Pushmataha County, Oklahoma, leaving surviving her as her next of kin her brother, DAVID ANCHANUBBI and AARON ANCHAUBBI, and her husband, FORBES WILLIAMS; and her niece and nephew ISABELLE and MITCHELL CRAVETT, who were children of the same mother being sister of said LOUISIANA WILLIAMS, deceased, and leaving no other survivor related to him within the same a degree or interested in the estate.

 That on or about the 1__th day of February, 1914, said petitioners sold and conveyed to S. W. RYAN their interests in the above described lands by General Warranty Deed, a copy of which deed is attached to petition therein, for the sum of $1,385.00 which is found to be reasonable value for such interests.

That under and by virtue of an Act of Congress approved May 27th, 1908, the restriction upon the alienation of the above described lands were removed conditioned upon the Approval of conveyance by the County Court of Pushmataha County.

 It is therefore ordered and adjudged and decreed by the County Court of Pushmataha County that said conveyance be and the same is hereby in all things approved and declared valid.

 L. P. DAVENPORT, Judge County Court, Pushmataha County, Oklahoma.

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