Marshall County, Oklahoma

Early Communities and Post Offices 


Madill Post Office


The present day Post Office in Madill, Oklahoma. Located on West Lillie Blvd. and South 3rd. Avenue. This is just west of the traffic light right smack-dab in the middle of Madill, USA.

now Enos: named for Amos Gooding, A prominent Choctaw. From June 4th 1915 to December 15, 1930


named for Allison Aylesworth, Dawes Commission Official Post office June 6, 1903 to Oct. 15, 1943
Guy M. Granbury 6 June 1903. Frank Adams 9 June 1904.
Harry A. Brown 19th Dec. 1913.
Roscoe B. Scarborough 7 Oct. 1914.
Herbert J. Pool 14th Jan 1922.
Mrs Ella L. McAdoo Dec 4th 1929 to April 24th 1930. Changed by Marriage, Ella L. Robertson Nov. 24th 1934.
Mrs Eula Johnson Dec. 8th 1936 to April 1st 1937.
Henry Levi Luker March 11th 1943 to Oct. 15th 1943
Mail to Madill.

named for Odis L. (Chicklin) Brown+ Town site owner and early day settler Post office March 28, 1890 to June 14, 1902.
George W. Crump March 28th 1890.

Burney Academy:
Rev. Robert Bell School Mission Director Post office July 3, 1860 Throughout the Civil War.

Named for Cliff along Little Glasses Creek Post office from March 2, 1891 to July 11, 1916;
John H. Scrimshire March 2nd 1891 to Sept. 1891.
Asbery H. Scrimshire
Dec. 17th 1891. Thomas C. Watterson 26th. Sept. 1903.
Orin L. Watterson 23rd June 1913.
Margaret E. Baker July 1915 to July 31st 1916.
Discontinued, moved to Kingston.

Named for Cumberland Presbyterian Church, which had been active in mission work. Post office established March 31, 1894, to January 3, 1975;
David J. Blasingame 31March 1894 Andrew J. Toone, Oct. 4th 1895.
John S. Scarbrough Dec. 23rd 1897.
John M. Guinn, May 25th 1901.
Nathan R. Inge, April 1st 1909.
George M. Riddle, Nov. 9th 1910.
Wiley B. Bain, April 5th 1913.
William R. Smither Sept. 15th 1922
Walter A. Smither Aug. 20th 1935.
Mrs Selma R. Teague Nov. 4th 1943.
Mrs Leafy Opal AkinAug 2nd 1944.
Mrs Doris O. Quisenberry Aug 18th 1947.
James M. Poole Jan. 23rd 1948

Established Sept. 11th 1891 to 1926,
moved to Carter Co. Postmaster: Ruben L. Trice Sept. 11th 1891.
Henry U. Hugley 4th June1897.
Edmond Scott 30th Nov. 1900.
Thomas W. Scott June 15th 1901. Ira F. Douglas Date unreadable. Closed Oct. 10th 1913.
Willis Henderson Oct. 11th 1918.
Nathan O. Stephens Oct. 13th 1916.
Sallie M. Eades Aug. Aug. 24th 1920


From August 27th1919 to February 15th 1921
Moved to Willis.
Albert T. Powell, Aug. 27th 1919.

Frisco Junction:


named for Robert L. Grantham, first Posmaster
From August 19, 1896 to November 30, 1903
Robert L. Grantham, Aug. 19th 1896. To Nov. 30th 1903.

Gunton: later called Simpson:
Hugh B. Brown 16th Nov. 1903 To Simpson

Later changed to Woodville. James H. Darland Nov. 8th
1881. Ira A. Taylor July 17th 1882.
John H. Darland Dec 8th 1887.

Later named Kingston: named for Helen The daughter of J. N. Willis a prominent Chicksaw.

Isom Springs:
named for O'ky-um-ha, a local Chicksaw
From February 6, 1902 to November 13, 1924
Joseph A. Adams Feb. 6th 1902.
Elmer E. Ringle Aug 15th 1905. Joseph A. Adams 22nd Oct. 1909
Moved to Woodville

(aka Helen) named for Jeff King long time resident. Post office established, April 4, 1894, still in operation. John F. Robinson April 4th 1894.
Charles B. Stark March 25th1896
James R. Herndon March 3rd 1898. Emery F. Lewis June 19th- 1906
Myrtle C. Murphy May 5th 1914.
Albert L. Chesnut/Chestnut December 19th 1921.
Miss Estella N. Chesnut February 18th 1940.
Estella N.(Chesnut) Lacy Oct. 21st 1940 Name changed by Marriage Feb. 11th 1944.
Mrs Jewel F. Murr Officer in charge Feb. 17th 1970.
Mrs Jewel F. Murr Postmaster Dec. 11th 1971.
Ola M. Abernathy Officer in Charge, Dec. 31st 1975.
Audrey L. Spence Postmaster Jan. 31st 1976.
Stella A. Gaines Officer in charge Dec. 31st 1986.
James E. Smithwick Postmaster Feb 28th 1987.
Lisa Caldwell Officer in charge July 30th 1999.
Gregory M. Dyer Postmaster March 25, 2000.

W. F. Benson, Jan. 13th 1908.
Dennie Tally, Dec. 23rd 1908.
Presley J. Douglas, Jan.19th 1910.
Edward C. Roberts, Dec. 13th 1912.
Zack Williams 7th Feb. 1915.
George L. Barnes, June 21st 1920.
J. A. Underhill, acting, Feb. 15th 1927.
James L. Desmond, June 13th 1927.

Post office from January 13, 1889 to April 14, 1934
William M. Henderson Jan. 4th 1896. W.
Selfridge June 20th 1897.
Moved to Brownsville JoeCompton Jan. 18th 1908.
William B. Cargill, May 11th 1910.
William H, Dodd Jan. 9th 1911.
Closed April 14th 1934 moved to Woodville.

Post office from February 17,1882 to date. Named for Lebanon Tennessee, where the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, had its headquarters. Rocky Point I.T.
Adolphus H. Law Oct. 22nd 1878.
Charles H. Thomes May 13th 1880.
Abraham Clark Gray April 14th 1881.
Benjamin J. Vaugham July 20th 1891.
Name changed to Lebanon February 17th, 1882
George D. James Feb. 17, 1882.
John Dorchester Dec. 14th 1885.
John M. Dorchester Aug. 14th 1890.
Albert S. Cook Jan 13th 1891.
LaFayette F.Butler Oct. 31st 1893.
John A Orr Dec. 19th 1894.
John F. Burnett Dec. 29th 1896.
Samuel McKenzie Jan. 24th 1899.
Lorenzo W. Howe Nov. 27th 1899.
Oscar H. Sperry Aug. 4th 1905.
Changed to Marshall County Oklahoma 1907
Henry F. Keller April 24th 1912.
William D. Lynn April 9th 1920.
Claude C. Eppler acting Postmaster April 22nd 1926.
Claude C. Eppler May 15th 1926
Mrs Effie A Sanders acting Postmaster Oct. 1st 1941.
Mrs Effie A. Sanders Dec. 11th 1941.
Mrs Johnie Exa Walden acting Postmaster Oct. 11th 1942.
Mrs Johnie Exa Walden, March 10th 1943.
John Guy Turner acting Postmaster Feb. 3rd 1950.
John Guy Turner May 24th 1950.
Mrs Addie H. Colson acting Postmaster March 11th 1951.
Addie H. Colson May 8th 1951. Billie J. Hewitt acting Postmaster Sept 30th 1952.
Billie J. Hewitt Nov. 7th 1952.
Mrs Marjorie S. Hewitt acting Postmaster, Aug. 8th 1958.
Mrs Marjorie S. Hewitt Dec 31st 1959.
Cynthia J. ShafferOfficer in charge June 30th 1988.
Kalynne Johnson July 30th 1988.

Named for three Linn brothers, Simon , George & Matthew, ranchers.
Post office May 14, 1890 to July 31, 1915
Robert Green April 22nd 1896.
William P. Campbell unreadable.
James F. Sherill (?) unreadable.
David E. Fultz Dec 5th 1901.
Robert E. Grace July 9th 1907.
Ambrose P. Kirkwood Dec. 9th 1908.
Mollie F. Kirkwood Dec. 1913
Moved to Madill July 31st 1915

Lone Elm:
From February 26, 1903 to October 15, 1913
Levi J. Shook Feb. 25th 1903.
Alexander L. Chaney Oct. 15th 1906.
William W. Chaney, Jan. 10th 1911.
W. Collins, May 7th 1911. Dorthy Stokes, April 30th 1913.
Closed Oct. 15th 1913. Moved to Madill.

County Seat-named for George A. Madill, of St.Louis Attorney for Frisco Railroad.
Post office established April29, 1901. To the present.
I.T. Richard H. Everett April 29th 1901.
Lyman F. Beard March 14th1907.
Changed to Marshall County Oklahoma in 1907.
Charles S. Cannady July 13th 1912.
David Russell March 16, 1917.

Walter S. Florence Feb. 10th 1922.
John Vandervort acting Postmaster< Sept. 30th 1930.
John W. Vandervort Jan. 28th 1934.
Rex T. Strickland March 7th 1934.

Clarence A. Hardee Jr. acting Postmaster Aug 31st 1962.
William L. Bond Dec. 21st 1963.
Clarence W. Mize Officer in charge Sept. 10th 1976.
Guy A. Pentico Jr. Jan. 29th 1977.
Sharon L. Pyle Dec. 30th 1989
Patti D."Smith" Sparlin.Feb 6th 1993, to date.

Post office established 1888 to1981. Named for Joe McMillan, the first Postmaster.
H.C. Campell Aug 7th 1895. J. Gumm, Oct 9th 1899.
Charles A. Burns, July 11th 1907.
William L. Winston, Oct. 5th 1909.
Mrs. Edith Winston, acting Postmaster July 23nd 1927.
Mrs Edith Winston Aug 24th 1927.
Discontinued Nov. 27th 1933. Effective Dec. 30th 1933, mail to Simpson, Rescinded Dec 21st 1933.
Maurice L. Winston, acting Postmaster Feb. 25th 1937.
Maurice L. Winston, March 16th 1937.
Resigned April 31st 1937. Mrs Edith Winston, acting Postmaster. Nov. 1st 1938.
Mrs. Edith Winston, Dec 5th 1938.
Floyd E. Greer, Oct. 14th 1942.
Floyd E. Greer, Jan. 5th 1943.
Deceased May 5th 1954.
Mrs Edith Greer acting Postmaster July 28th 1954.
Mrs Edith Greer, Sept. 24th 1954.
Further records are available

Named for surrounding grove of Oak timber. Post office established July 20, 1881 to February 1, 1935
William Grinstead, July 20th 1881.
Charles Sacra, April 17th 1886. Sacra probably did not Serve.
William Grinstead, May 14th 1886. Charles Sacra, Nov. 1st 1889.
Hugh B. Wiggs, Dec. 31st 1890.
James E. Dillingham, Oct 31st 1893.
John W. Vandervort,June 21st 1899.
Thomas E. Newton, July 8th 1901.
Franklin G. Kramener(?) April 23rd 1904.
Oliver H. Altum, June 8th 1904.
John K. Withers May 31st 1905.
Mary E. Harris Feb. 2nd 1906.
Changed to Marshall County Oklahoma Conrad C. Mathew, April 6th 1909.
Barry S. Dunning, May 18th 1911.
Thomas Campbell, May 18th 1912.
Wayland W. Dunning, acting Postmaster may 22nd 1934.
Forrest W. Alexander, April 3rd 1936.
Mrs Willie D. Pratt, acting Postmaster Mar 31st 1945.
Mrs Velma G. Williams, April 10th 1947.
Mrs Blanche B. Coker, Sept. 11th 1953.
Mrs Elizabeth Lynn, acting Postmaster Oct. 31st 1968.
Mrs Willie B. Rabon, acting Postmaster Dec. 27th 1968.
Mrs Willie B. Rabon, June 6th 1971.
Service suspended on February 1st 1985. ///////discontinued on November 2nd 1986. Postal Bulletin 21593, 11/13/1986.

Overton Springs:

Pickens: named for Pickens County I.T. Which was named for I. Hunter Pickens A prominent Chicksaw Chief. Established February 7, 1885 to December 15th 1899.

Jan. 31st to May 14th 1921.--Nov. 22nd April 30th 1945. Robert L. Donniville, 1894. James C. Ray, Dec. 27th 1895. Augustus P. Ray, Nov. 14th 1896.Robert P. Glenn, Aug. 19th 1898. Thomas J. Covington, July 2nd 1900. James F. Yow, Sept. 30th 1905. Frank N. Colson, Mar 14th 1914. John W. Kirtley, Aug. 21st 1915. Frankie Davis July 14th 1917.Francis C. Bateman Jan. 13th 1919. Mary E. Harrison, Feb. 12th 1920. Mattie L. Noah, Aug. 3rd 1920. Moved May 6th 1921 to Lebanon. Nov. 22nd 1939 til April 30th 1945.

Samuel F. Miller, May 22,1890 till Dec. 21.
Dec. 21, 1890 til May 26, 1898, Issac Sparks.
Moved to McMillian May 26, 1898.
Located between Yellow Hills and McMillion>

Robinson Corner:

Rocky Point:
Oct. 22nd 1878 til Feb. 16th 1882. Changed to Lebanon

Named for nearby Shay Prairie. Post office from April 23, 1901 to May 31, 1955. Charles L. Norman, April 23rd 1901. Samuel L. Walker, Dec. 1901. C.C. Chestnut, Sept.12th 1906. Henry W. Dunn, July 17th 1911. Wallace R. Roberts, May 5th 1915. Albert L. Chestnut, Feb. 26th 1914. Jessie M. Newton Oct. 26th 1918. Mrs Minnie F. Ringle, Oct. 29th 1929. Mrs Mildred Buck, Dec. 1st 1944. Mrs Mildred Buck, July 1st 1945. Discontinued April 7th 1955. Mail to Kingston.

Simpson: Originally called Gunton changed to Simpson Post office march 23, 1904 to October 31, 1959. Mrs. Ira Bell Russell, Sept. 11th 1929.

Post office from January 31, 1899 to July 31, 1919 William M. Boatright, 31st Jan. 1899. Martin S. Jaques,Aug. 2nd 1900 Andrew J. Toone, June 15th 1901. Joseph Simpson, Oct. 28th 1901.

Named for James E. Weaver first postmaster from May 4, 1898 to December 31,1908. James E. Weaver, May 4th 1898. W.L. Watkins 1901.

Named for Brett Willis Post office established March 15, 1886 to February 8th 1974. Robert C. Thompson, Mar. 15th 1886. James D. Thorn, March 19th 1900. Robert C. Thompson, Feb. 1st 1901. Sidney Willis, May 22nd 1905. Dixie Powell, Dec. 9 1908.George W. Ferguson,Jan. 10th 1910. Mrs Ethel F. Overton, Feb. 1st 1940. Mrs Estelle A. Willis,Nov. 1st 1944. Clarence A. Cryer, July 20th 1946. Clarence A. Cryer, June 26th 1947. Mrs Lillie M. Forguson, Jan.15th 1953. Mrs Lillie M. Forguson, Oct. 5th 1953. Gladys E. Bridges, Oct. 17th 1958. Gladys E. Bridges, July 25th 1959.

Named for Brett Willis. Post office established March 15, 1886 to February 8th 1974. Robert C. Thompson, Mar. 15th 1886. James D. Thorn, March 19th 1900. Robert C. Thompson, Feb. 1st 1901. Sidney Willis, May 22nd 1905. Dixie Powell, Dec. 9 1908.George W. Ferguson,Jan. 10th 1910. Mrs Ethel F. Overton, Feb. 1st 1940. Mrs Estelle A. Willis,Nov. 1st 1944. Clarence A. Cryer, July 20th 1946. Clarence A. Cryer, June 26th 1947. Mrs Lillie M. Forguson, Jan.15th 1953. Mrs Lillie M. Forguson, Oct. 5th 1953. Gladys E. Bridges, Oct. 17th 1958. Gladys E. Bridges, July 25th 1959.

(aka Harney) name changed July 9, 1888 Named for L.L. Wood prominent Chickasaw. Post office name changed to Woodville. This community was in the section that was lost when Lake Texoma was built.
Robert S. Bell, July 9th 1888.
Luther H. Taylor, Jan. 20th 1896.
David Whitter, Oct.20th 1899.
Mike Taylor, July 26th 1901.
William R.Buckley, April 16th 1902.
James H. Buckley, Dec. 21st 1926.
Mrs Dixie Johnson, Sept. 26th 1933.
Mrs Clara E. Howard, July 16th 1943.
Clara F. Howard, Mar. 14th 1945.
Charlie H. Howard Dec.4th 1950.
Charlie H. Howard, Dec. 21st.1950.
Mrs Helen M. Barnes, Sept. 18th 1953.


Yellow Hills:
Established Nov./25/1890.
Mrs Mary J.Clark
Moved to Durwood, September 11, 1891.


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