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Indian Pioneer Papers - Index

Indian Pioneer History Project for Oklahoma
Name of burial ground: Tulsa's Public Cemetery
Present owners:
No. of graves:
No. of marked graves:
Condition of stones:
Condition of premises: is well cared for
Location:  bounded on the north by 8th street, on the east by Peoria Ave., on the south by 11th Street and on the west by Madison Street, or Midland Valley Railroad right-of-way
Field Worker: Wm. T. Holland

(Burial Ground Form Works Progress Administration Indian-Pioneer History Project for Oklahoma)
Vol. 56, pg 404

 This burial ground has been used for years.  Several years before the city of Tulsa took it over, which in 1906, I understand that Dan Patton, a pioneer citizen of Tulsa, and a civil engineer, laid out the grounds for the cemetery.

 This cemetery occupies 20 acres of ground and is bounded on the north by 8th street, on the east by Peoria Ave., on the south by 11th Street and on the west by Madison Street, or Midland Valley Railroad right-of-way.

 When Tulsa took this cemetery over in 1906, there were 387 graves.  A large number of these didn't have markers and do not even today as some of the bodies now buried here were removed from a burial ground on West 2nd Street, Tulsa, near Frisco Street.  This plat or parcel of ground is now occupied by building and Streets. This, I understand, was Tulsa's first burial ground.  This cemetery contains the graves of some of the most prominent of the early settlers, some being Indians.  It is well cared for at this time by the city, under the supervision of one of the city commissioners.

 The following are the name and dates of births and deaths as shown on tombstone and monuments:

Rev. Thomas W. Perryman b. 07-24-1839 d. 02-11-1903 Indian, Brother of George Perryman and was formerly buried in Indian burial ground at 31st and S. Utica Sts., Tulsa, [OK]
Eva L. Perryman 1855 1922 wife of T. W.
Margaret Dickens 09-11-1858 8-10-1919  
Christener Brown Dickens 11-4-1833 7-2-1909  
W. S. Warner 1854 1924  
Platoff P. Bush 1845 1914  
Nancy E. Bush 1855 1915 wife
David Carmichael 1850 1914  
Tuckabache, Indian, and known only by that name.   03-21-1910 His body was moved here from a family burial ground, don’t know where, “Born on or about 1815, died March 21, 1910. Soldier and Tribesman” Might be some history connected with this former warrior.
Richard Clark 1834 1926  
Deborah Clark 1844 1932 wife
James Calahan 1845 1916  
John Jack 04-24-1825  02-17-1908  
Geo. W. Pittman 1835 1908  
Edmon Lovitt 05-21-1840 07-17-1911  
Rachel Lovitt 03-10-1845 06-22-1934  
Joseph S. Price 07-21-1852  06-03-1908  
John Cline  1825 1910  
Rheuby Cline  1836 1917 wife
W. R. Gunn 1858 1908  
Charles Pauling 1858 1913  
Rachel Sanders 1849 1912  
J. V. McGrew 1848 1918  
Marion W. McGrew 1858 1916 wife
William K. Gillette 99-20-1838 10-17-1907  
John N. Hodge 1875  1926  
Jane Burgess 12-25-1822  01-28-1901  
C. T. Bradley 08-26-1848 08-27-1936  
Eliza Bradley, his wife 06-19-61 08-16-26  
Charles Clinton 07-03-1847  02-23-1888  
Louise Clinton, wife 10-06-1857  06-28-1920  
Celia Louise Clinton 1899 1904  
Jane E. Allen 04-07-1830  08-21-1913  
Judge J. B. Gilliss 1844 1929  
Elizabeth Gilliss 1814 1928 Mother of Judge
114 years old at death
Wilson F. Lewis 1847 1912  
John D. Seaman 1839 190? was one, if not first, Postmaster of Tulsa
Hadassah J. Seaman 1841 1911  
Lombard, Albert 1846 1912  
Hester C. Lombard 1856 1922  
Lucy Carter 1837 1916 Mother of Hester C.
Kennedy Mausoleum      
Rev. Wm. McAllister 02-20-29 05-20-1918 Member So. W. Mo. Conference 1868-1918
Margaret, his wife 05-24-33 12-11-22  
Geo. W. Mowbray 07-5-1847 01-12-1910  
Hannah E. Mowbray 03-13-1843 09-14-27  
Gertrude Winterringer 1851 1913  
John W. Eaton 12-31-1859 01-12-1901  
Minnie F. Eaton 04-23-1871 01-22-1901  
Chauncey A. Owens 1847 1928  
Martha Owens 1854 1902  
Avery Bound 08-07-84 7-18-1900 One of the first to be buried here
Robt. N. Bynum      
A. T. Hodge, Indian 1841 1919  
Mary J. Hodge 1845   wife of A. T.
Lewis Perryman 04-10-1853 04-07-1899 Indian
Col. A. D. Orcutt 08-17-46 06-14-1913  
A. L. Bradford 1854 1929  
Alexander James Avery 05-14-1843 04-27-1907  
Rev. J. L. Hagler 1839 1923  
Elizabeth M. Hagler 1841 1918 wife
William Vance 11-16-53 08-26-1927  
Mary E. Vance 01-29-62 07-11-34 wife
Simpson W. Miller 12-23-49 05-16-1909  
John Humes Thompson 1853 1915  
Emma Conway Thompson 1853 1913  
Jacob S. Bowman  11-21-1841 01-24-1907 Cop.G. 16, Ill. Vol.
Mary W.  07-15-1843 07-09-1926 wife
J. A. Yeager 1845 1928  
Mrs. J. A. Yeager 1846 1912  
Henry C?. Calhoun 1852 1932  
C. Z. Cook 1848 1913  
M. E. Frakes 02-08-45 04-05-1916  
Luke C. Goodman 06-22-47 01-23-1918  
Nancy E. Goodman 04-12-49 09-06-1913  

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