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Indian Pioneer Papers - Index

Indian Pioneer History Project for Oklahoma
Date: March 9, 1938
Name: Howell Burial Ground
Founded: 1865 By Mae ROBERTS
Abandoned: 1900 
Why abandoned: Too near house.

Present owners of premises: M. C. MCFARLAND
Original owners of premises Janett CHRISTY
Other persons who at one time owned the premises: Calvin H. HOWELL
Approximate number of graves: 42
Approximate number of marked graves: 2
General condition of headstones, including inscriptions: Someone has struck the headstone with an ax or something, chipped off.
Number of inscriptions copied and attached: 2
Condition of the premises: In bad condition
Legal location of burial ground: County McCurtain Section 17, Township 6, Range 26 Southeast 1/4 southwest, south east
Field Worker: Levina R. BEAVERS
Volume 111--microfiche #6016976

 HOWELL'S Burial Ground

Jane CUBIT, colored woman, said she was a very young woman when Calvin H. HOWELL's oldest daughter died and was the first one buried at this ground.

After some more of the children died they were buried there. Calvin H. HOWELL died in 1865, there is a headstone giving the date. Peter HOWELL also died in 1865 and there is a headstone giving the date. Other graves had cedar trees two feet through which were cut for fence posts by someone, the brush is still there. Three have had large lime rocks around them and have been covered with flat rock of some kind but these have been thrown off and there is no sign of names. Others have just small rock and some have nothing but you can tell there is a grave there (cave).

Calvin H. HOWELL first settled on this place in 1832 and lived there until he died, 1865. Afterwards the land was allotted to Janett CHRISTY. There is a large Post Oak tree standing at the east end of the burial ground; M.C. MCFARLAND owns the premises now and Mrs. Mae ROBERTS lives on this forty acre tract; she move there from Chicago, Illinois in 1936. She said the cedars were already cut off these graves when she went there; everything shows age.

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