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Indian Pioneer Papers - Index

Indian Pioneer History Project for Oklahoma
Date: February 13, 1937
Name: Joana Duncan
Post Office: Skiatook, Oklahoma
Date of Birth: February 3, 1861
Place of Birth: seven miles northwest of Skiatook, Oklahoma on Bird Creek
Father: Charles Coody Rogers
Place of Birth:
Information on father: died at Skiatook in June 1884
Place of birth:
Information on mother:
Field Worker: Lawrence D. Hibbs
Chauncey O. Moore, Supervisor
Interview #:

Joana Duncan was born about seven miles northwest of Skiatook, Oklahoma on Bird Creek, February 3, 1861. She is now 76 years old and is in fair health. She is 1/8 Cherokee blood. She taught school for twenty-five years. She is the daughter of Charles Coody Rogers, the grand-daughter of Captain John Rogers and the great-granddaughter of John Rogers, better known as "Hell Fire Jack".

Her father died at Skiatook in June 1884, her grandfather at Washington, D. C. in 1846 and her great grandfather at Mulberry Arkansas. Her great grandfather, Captain John Rogers, was a captain in the British Army. He was an Englishman and he organized the Cherokee Indians to fight with the British Army. At first he was not a friend of the White Man but later on in life, he became a good American citizen. Charles Rogers' Indian name was Ca-Ta-Ki meaning "Spade". Her brother's Indian name was Ti-Ca-Ti-Ski meaning "Jig". Her half-brother's Indian name was Ti-Ca-Ni-Ski meaning "Girl Catcher".

Mrs. Duncan says Muskogee was named after a full-blood Creek Indian girl whose name was "Muscogee". This girl married a white man by the name of Allen ROSS.

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