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Indian Pioneer Papers - Index

Cemeteries - Miscellaneous
Date: May 25, 1937
Burial ground: Navajo Cemetery
Founded: prior to 1861 by: unknown
Present owners: Jackson County
Original owner: Ben J. T. Hawkins PAT
Legal location: Jackson County, Section 35, Township 3N, Range 19W
Field Worker: Zaidee B. BLAND

The land which is the present location of this cemetery has been deeded to the county, and I do not believe it could be considered absolutely abandoned as some of the old timers are being brought back and put away every once in a while. And someone thought enough of it to have three and three quarters acres deeded to the county.

Cemeteries - Miscellaneous
Date: August 13, 1937
Burial ground: unknown
Founded: unknown by: Indians
Present owner: Anna Faye DISMORE
Address: Headrich, OK, R.F.D.2
Number of graves: 100 or more; marked graves: none
Condition: blowing sand and subject to overflow.
Legal location: Jackson County,  Section 3, Lot 5,  Township 2N, Range 18W
Field Worker: Zaidee B. BLAND

I have been living on this place about fifteen years and we had noticed that a spot down near the river was not very productive and as the river encroached on the land we often found bones that looked like human bones washed upon the sand.

Two years ago while plowing my son uncovered a whole Indian skeleton. He plowed into the head first and broke away a part of the jaw bone and turned up some beads. We then dug the entire skeleton out. The body was in an upright position with the knees back against the shoulders. There were quite a few beads of all colors but everything else was decayed. We left the skeleton on the ground except the skull and a few of the beads and some flint arrow heads which the children carried to school with them.

There are no mounds or markings of any kind proving that the grounds are very old but I would judge there are a great many bodies there because of the extent of the area in which we have found human bones.

I have been unable to find any legend of any kind about this as a burying ground other than that of the Kiowas and Navajoes who fought many fierce battles along this river. No doubt it is a place where the slain in battle were buried rather than a regular burying ground for any tribe.

Cemeteries - Miscellaneous
Date: May 27, 1937
Burial ground: Guffin
Founded: 1881 by: early settlers
Abandoned: 1890
Present owner: Dorothy FRAZER
Address: General Delivery, Altus, OK
Number of graves: 17; marked graves: 4
Condition: no protection from stock.
Legal location: Jackson County, Section 17, Townshipp 2N, Rrnge 22W
Field Worker: Zaidee B. BLAND

There are twelve sunken graves in this plot with native stones at the head and feet. 


Sarah WILSON b. Apr 3, 1840 d. Jul 20, 1892
   Only stone erect in yard has slight fence around it.
Gappy MIDDLETON b. Aug 29, 1890 d. Jan 11, 1892
  Stone lies on the side.
Alice MIDDLETON b. Nov 4, 1886 d. Dec 1, 1892
  Stone lying flat-mildewed.
W.C. HILL b. Mar 2, 1847 d. Dec 31, 1890
  Stone lying on ground.

Serene MOORE patented this land. E. E. FORRESTER acquired it from J. N. MOORE and turn sold it to C.C. NEWTON. NEWTON sold to R. E. DUNLAP who sold to Theison THOMAS. THOMAS sold to G. P. FRAZEE and Dorothy FRAZEE the present owner, acquired it from him.

These graves are situated on a little grassy knoll and the stones are plainly visible from the highway.

There used to be a small school house near this plot of ground called the Guffins School. The graveyard was therefore named Guffins. This school house blew away in 1890.

Mrs. FRAZER, present owner, has entire quarter section in wheat and grazes her field each year. She would like the bodies moved as she feels no interest in the graves for she never knew any of those buried there nor their kin. All the graves are level and covered with grass and weeds.

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