Townships 21N through 29N & Ranges 26W through 21W

Parts of Ellis, Harper, Woods and Woodward Counties.  There are no links for any Range of Township 27N in Harper County or for Township 23N in Woodward County because the maps were printed in two parts with a match line running east-west through these entire Townships.  Use the links to Harper and Woodward  to view those segments. Townships with unlinked numbers on white background are split between adjacent counties. Click on the county names to explore these border areas. 

Harper Woods
29N-26W 29N-25W 29N-24W 29N-23W 29N-22W 29N-21W
28N-26W 28N-25W 28N-24W 28N-23W 28N-22W 28N-21W
27N-26W 27N-25W 27N-24W 27N-23W 27N-22W 27N-21W
26N-26W 26N-25W 26N-24W 26N-23W 26N-22W 26N-21W
25N-26W 25N-25W 25N-24W 25N-23W 25N-22W 25N-21W
24N-26W 24N-25W 24N-24W 24N-23W 24N-22W 24N-21W
23N-26W 23N-25W 23N-24W 23N-23W 23N-22W 23N-21W
22N-26W 22N-25W 22N-24W 22N-23W 22N-22W 22N-21W
21N-26W 21N-25W 21N-24W 21N-23W 21N-22W 21N-21W
Ellis Woodward